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Prescott Pro Sound has been offering services in Arizona for over 20 years. Our sound engineers will assist you with selecting the best combinations of microphones, speakers and audio mixers to deliver pristine, crystal clear sound to your audience from speaking engagements, indoor concerts, large music festivals and more... always at a reasonable price.  

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Meet the new owner of Prescott Pro Sound!


Preston Doyle is a native of Gilbert, Arizona. Throughout the years, he has always had a love and passion for the city of Prescott; always feeling that someday he would be living up here. It is such a wonderful place! Preston lives with his loving wife (Alisa) and young son (Christian) who truly are his world! Preston has always had a heart to serve and has found a way to fulfill this interest by producing shows and events.


In the past, he has worked in the public and private sector and was blessed to be part of some of the greatest production teams in existence. It was always hard for Preston to zero in on one particular skill or interest - whether it was lighting, sound, set design/construction, rigging, or power management - he loves them all! Consequently, he became the director of events and facilities at a well known private school where he was blessed to supervise a team in producing some of the largest productions on stage and special events that a school has ever known. 


Preston has also had an opportunity to work with some great talent - from the five years that he worked with Country Thunder, to the sold out crowds at Grady Gammage auditorium in Tempe for a well known acapella group, serving as sound engineer, lighting design, and concert coordinator. Preston's passion is to serve; what better way to create a meaningful impact in production than to continue the legacy of Prescott PRO Sound, and all that the previous owner created. He offers huge thanks to God for guiding and aligning everything perfectly for this wonderful opportunity to serve here in Prescott. He can't wait to meet, work with and get to know each of you who rely on our services for your productions.

Preston Doyle

Andrew Sharkey

Raised in Atlanta, GA, Andrew got into music at a young age. He played bass in metal and reggae bands throughout high school and into college. During high school, he started getting enthralled with the production behind shows. He went to Middle Tennessee State University enrolling in the audio production program there, continuing to play shows as well as learning the art and science behind what went into them. Relocating to Prescott, AZ in 2014, Andrew has worked as a freelance Engineer and with Prescott Pro Sound for going on 5 years. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his dog Fuse, as well as keeping up to date and continuing his education with show technology.

More to come soon!!